Our Jewellery Portfolio

Being in business since 2005 has enabled us to create hundreds of unique jewellery pieces. We are proud of each and every one. We are very fortunate to work with Vienna Di Ruscio Photography for amazing photos of all of our jewellery creations. We will highlight a selection of these pieces below. We also have a complete catalogue of our creations in store.

Fire & Ice Custom Engagement Rings

Tradition suggests that you should spend at least 2-months wages on an engagement ring. An investment that will hopefully last a lifetime. Having a one of a kind, hand-made ring is an excellent choice for this investment. Our staff can work with your ideas or help you design the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

We are proud to showcase some of the custom engagement rings we have created for our customers.

We would be honoured to include the one we create for you.

Fire & Ice Custom Matching Sets

What is better than a wedding band that matches a Fire & Ice custom engagement ring? Nothing! We pride ourselves in creating incomparable custom matching engagement/wedding rings. These rings become as inseparable as the union that they represent. They complement each other perfectly. Let us complete the rest of your story.

We are proud to showcase some of the custom matching sets we have created for our customers.

We would be honoured to include the set we create for you.

Fire & Ice Men’s Bands

Around half of the world’s population are men. Men wear rings too. We design and create custom rings for men and we are proud to display some of them here. If you are a man that wants a ring, or someone that wants to give a man a ring. Give us a ring, (306) 585-3473, and we can discuss a custom Men’s Band.

Fire & Ice Family and Fashion Rings

Family is important to everyone. A custom family ring from Fire & Ice can commemorate that special relationship. It can include birthstones or a family crest or emblem. Our talented craftsmen can create almost anything you want.

Fashion more your forte? We won’t judge you for that. We will help your fashion come to life in a custom ring. Made only for you.

Fire & Ice Inspiration

Inspiration is defined as “a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea.” The designs and elements of these one-of-a-kind creations are truly inspirational.

Fire & Ice Earrings and Pendants

Fire & Ice custom designs and builds more that just rings. We do very creative designs for earrings, bracelets, and pendants too. We can bring your ideas to life. Our designers will work out the plan with you and create the finished product. Precious metal and gems, whatever your heart desires.

Fire & Ice Awesome Stuff

Sometimes we create custom rings to celebrate someone’s imagination. We are very experienced in turning your ideas into unique custom jewellery. Let us help you realize your awesome custom creation.