Design Process


This step frequently differs from client to client. Sometimes it begins with a piece of jewellery that is the inspiration. Sometimes it is just a vision in someone’s mind that needs to be captured on paper. Sometimes it is a photo from a magazine or website. It might begin in various different ways but it will end with the same. The creation of a one of a kind piece of jewellery that will be cherished.

Once the jewellery design is finalized a price will be quoted for the work. Next, we will start an AutoCad drawing to create a wax prototype using our 3D printer. If required, the wax prototype will be carved by hand to the specifications of a desired design. This wax is made to scale to accept any stones that will be set. At this point the client will have a good idea of what the final product is going to look like. Alterations or changes can be considered at this stage.

Upon the client’s approval of the wax prototype, we begin the casting process.  This turns the wax into the metal specified. Once the gold or silver is finished casting, the stone setting or hand engraving process can begin. A final inspection is completed, including a second polishing and cleaning. Professional photographs are taken by Vienna Di Ruscio.  Now the fine jewellery is ready for client pick-up.