The Story of Fire and Ice

Fire & Ice opened its doors in Regina Saskatchewan in 2005. Our staff has over 50-years of experience in the jewellery and goldsmithing trade. Our customers come from all over North America. We are passionate about jewellery and it shows. Fine jewellery often holds a special place in our hearts and memories. Family heirlooms are frequently jewellery, passed on from generation to generation. We make custom jewellery that is destined for heirloom status. Jewellery that represents a memory, passion or legacy.

We specialize in custom engagement rings. We also do custom “His” and “Hers” wedding bands with exquisite hand engraving. Thinking about getting married? Great, we can make sure that you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter rings to commemorate the occasion.

Fire & Ice offers a lifetime guarantee on all custom work! All our pieces are made using the highest quality diamonds and gemstones as well as the best metals available. Our White gold is never rhodium plated and since we cast everything in house, we can control the colour. For diamonds, we only use D, E, F in colour, and VS+ clarity, GIA or Canadian Certified.

Bring in your unwanted gold jewellery for cash or store credit. Use the proceeds to design a beautiful new piece that you will be proud to wear. Check out our portfolio to see examples of what we can do.

Additional Services

Sales of Pre-Manufactured Fine Jewellery

We acknowledge that other people make fine jewellery as well. To serve our customers better, we do carry quality jewellery pieces from recognized manufacturers.

Complete Repair and Restoration of Broken and Old Jewellery

We understand the sentimental value some jewellery has. Repairs are sometimes required. Trust us with your favourite pieces. We will restore it to new condition.

Gold and Silver Ring Sizing

One size does not fit all. Rings, unless they came out of a gumball dispenser, are not adjustable. Let us resize that ring so you can wear it with pride.

Replacement Watch Batteries and Link Adjustments

If the time on your watch is only correct twice a day, you might need a new battery. We can replace the battery and adjust the watch band, if required.

Payout or in Store Credit for Old Unwanted Gold or Platinum Jewellery

We will buy gold or platinum jewellery and gemstones. Turn unwanted jewellery into cash or in-store credit. Bring it in and let’s talk.